Love for Green Life!

Love for Green Life!

The drive back home from work is perfect mayhem! Every inch of space on road is taken up, rendering it invisible, as it gets lost in a sea of vehicles. The restlessness & edginess of the occupants announced through horns as everyone plays their part in the “Symphony of Cacophony”. I survive the madness & make it back to my abode. As I climb the stairs to my 4th floor apartment, with every step, I leave the chaos behind. The lush potted plants on every landing offer respite from the concreteness of the city & the soul of its inhabitants. Green is my favorite color & as the leaves dance brightly against the grey of the concrete, I fall in love with it a little more! Unknown to myself, I break into a smile looking at the new leaves uncurling from the tip of the money-plant growing happily in Meera’s old bicycle-turned-planter. As the old, yellow leaves live out their last days, shining bright in the face of impending decay, I realize that birth & death are part of the same spectrum. What began, HAS to end! The bicycle is a reminder that we need to keep moving in between the beginning & the end.

The many hues of the leaves; green, red, white, big, small, is a cue that it’s an all inclusive, all encompassing world after all. Suspend all judgment & co-exist peacefully!

The saplings express their gratitude in the form of new leaves for all the nurturing I bestow upon them.

Home + Plants (& a li’l color) = Magic!!

The attention I shower upon them is what keeps my plants happy. Yes, they “survive” on water & sunlight but they “thrive” on attention & crave it, just as we do!

Love how the nuances of  “Ordinariness” in other wise mundane.

Plants & pets have the power to sort the biggest turmoil in us & renew, revive & refresh every grain of our being.

The “gudaai” (digging of soil) is often done with bare hands as I find the soil relaying calmness from my hands to my heart.

I wander my apartment (turned into a green haven thanks to my deep love for flora) indulging in “green therapy”.

Am often asked the secret to my lush plants, even the notoriously uncooperative indoor ones. The only secret is “TLC”; tender love & care. And when the saplings respond with a new shoot, to me, it’s nothing less than magic! Every plant is Mother Nature talking to us. Even if it’s what most see as a “weed”, an unwelcome presence. To me, it’s a “guest”. As I tend to my green housemates, an exchange of energies takes place. Along with my love, they accept & absorb my fatigue & weariness too & infuse their calm & tenderness into my tired body. Home is where the heart is & I, ladies & gentlemen, have a green heart!




  1. Your love for green beautifully expressed! The images are so expressive! The blog itself is an expression of the beautiful girl l know!

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